Friday, November 2, 2012

Grateful:Day 2: Skype Dates

Day two: I am grateful for Skype dates with our family and friends back home.
Sal & NZ skype with grandpa Dennis

During the week, I usually log on my Skype account mid morning to see who might be on back home. We are fifteen hours ahead of California-- so 11:00 am here on Wednesday is 8:00pm on Tuesday back home. Most mornings, if Sal and I are home between 10:00 and 11:00, I spend the hour skyping with friends and family (mostly my sister or mom). On the weekends, we Skype with My dad and my grandmother.

Living abroad would be much harder not being able to see the faces of those I miss. My sister and I sit and chat (and run for bathroom or "wait a second, my oven timer is buzzing" breaks) while leaving Skype running. We go about our daily routine, just as if the other is sitting in our living room. I LOVE this. I set Sal up in a highchair in front of the iPad like the E-trade baby and I'm certain he is going to think his family and mama's friends all live in the computer.

I learned about Skype when NZ was in India for two months. We would Skype every morning and evening. I still missed him tons, but learned that the distance is made easier when you can see the other person. When we found out we were moving to China, I knew that Skype access was key for making life easier here, and I was oh so right.


  1. I am thankful for this too.. love ending my day with a Skype call watching Sal eat one of his morning snacks! Skype definitely makes our distance apart easier.


  2. i too have come to love skype. It's the best next thing to seeing you in person and watching our adorable grandbaby rapidly growing and changing before my very eyes. I think we see you more than if you were back in NP!
    Love you all, mom