Sunday, November 18, 2012

Grateful: Day 18: Surprise Guest Post

Hi, I’m Brie’s sister, Stephanie, and I am here to do a surprise guest post so I can tell you how grateful I am to have her in my life but first of all please join me in wishing her a…
(Her Birthday is 11/19 but since she is living in China, it's 11/19 there now.. so I'm posting this on day 18)

Brie is not only my sister but she is also my best friend and for that I am grateful.   Even though we were born 6 years part, we always played together and she will probably tell you that I was her 2nd mother during our younger years (sorry Sis). She moved away for college and I missed her so much during that time so I was so happy when I heard that she and NZ were moving back to SoCal. Having her live a quick car trip away so I could call her to meet me for a day of shopping, crafting or reality TV has made me one happy sister!   Over the last 20 years we have found each other invaluable and we always find comfort in each other… she is always there for me, we lean on each other when we need support, we laugh together, cry together and most importantly we never judge.  I look forward to many years ahead with my sister by my side.

Last year when they (BZ & NZ) announced that they would be moving to China, I knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime for them and I was happy that they had this chance but I was also so afraid of having her so far away… Afraid that we would lose touch with one another and sad that I would miss watching my nephew grow up.  Once he was born, I drove down to their house 1-2 times a week (including a mini vacation with them while NZ was out of the country on business) to spend as much time with them before they left.  I am so grateful I had that time with them before they moved.  Now 6 months later I know that “losing touch” with my sister was just another one of my crazy insecurities.  I am so grateful for the internet that keeps us connected even though we are currently living 6,000+ miles apart. We communicate daily via Skype, texting & email. Wuxi is 16 hours ahead of California so I often wake up in the morning to find emails from her with links to cute clothes for Sal,  Pins on Pinterest to plan Sal’s 1st Birthday (how did that happen, wasn’t he just born?), which makes me feel like I’m right there planning it with her and not missing a thing. 

It's not a secret how important she is to me…anyone that knows me, knows that I would do anything for her, at any time… this includes getting on a plane for 14 hours flying up the west coast, over Russia (the Bearing Sea yikes!), Japan and finally landing in Shanghi. In 157 days I will be on my first international flight headed to China to spend two weeks with the Z’s.  I can’t wait to see where they are living and come back home appreciating everything we have in the good ole USA.  I am grateful to family that made it possible for this girl to fly to China in style (you know who you are).

I will always be grateful for my beautiful sister

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sis! ! May all your wishes and dreams come true! 

XoXo Steph


  1. Happy, happy Birthday! Being an expat is great, being a mom is even greater. I guess doing both at the same time can be quite challenging at times, but oh so much fun. Best wishes from a new blog-follower from Germany!

  2. Stephanie! This is a great post and I know Brie is so thankful to have you as a sister. I for one look forward to meeting you when you get to visit! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIE!!!!!!!! We are so glad you are here in China to play with us! :)

  3. Happy birthday Brie! What a lovely post Stephanie. (darling cookies...). May all your birthday wishes come true. Love, Aunt Adele

  4. Wow, Happy birthday! You guys are seriously beautiful.