Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Grateful: Day 13: Born on the 13th

Lucky 13
Everyday Today I am grateful for the luckiest Friday the 13th, ever. I've never been really superstitious, but I know many people are..from skipping 13th floors on buildings, to not scheduling procedures ( I had a few patients who refused to let me schedule their surgery on Friday the 13th--I was like, reaaaaally?) to just plain thinking bad things happen when the number13 is involved.

Speaking for myself, Friday the 13th's have always been good. I can recall first feeling this way as my childhood idol, Kim Zmeskal, took home the all around gold from the 1991 World Championships, on you guessed it, Friday the 13th..and I was there. In person. And it was...wait for it...
1991 World AA Champion, Kim Zmeskal
Friday, September 13, 1991


So, ever since then, I look forward to Friday the 13th, and pretty much anything to do with the number 13. I guess you could say it's my lucky number.

Last January, I went in on to my OB as my due date was looming. I had two weeks to go. I was nervous as could be. I swore Sal hadn't been as active, and I was having nightly nightmares that he would meet the same demise as our babies that came before him. I was certain that something would go wrong. Because, we were unlucky when it came to babies.

My OB offered to consider an induction. He was an estimated 7 lbs, and I was starting to show signs of labor, so she spoke to her colleagues and due to my history of recurrent loss, my previous uterine surgery and his size, they agreed to schedule an induction.


Friday, the 13th.

And I just knew that this was meant to be. Things HAD to turn out well.

And did they ever.

I am so very thankful for this little boy. Even on the rough days. Even on the days he  pushes all the chairs around the house and re-programs the chinese only remotes TV. Even on the days he spits up all over my favorite shirt. Even on the just-wants-to-be-held-all-day-and-mama-why-aren't-you-stronger-so-you-can-hold-me-all-day, days.

Hard to believe he was ever this small
We waited what seemed an eternity for his arrival into our lives. Four years of trying, waiting, hoping, losing, and trying again. He is the light of our lives, and I am ever so thankful for this gift I was given just 10 short months ago.


  1. Oh sweet baby Sal!! I love it! Amazing how much they change in so little time!

  2. That was such a lovely post! Definitely not an unlucky day at all.

    As an aside, my induction was scheduled for February 29-- leap year. My OB was surprised I would even want that date and I had to explain that no matter the date, I wanted a LIVE baby. I ended up being induced earlier due to mid-scoring NSTs and my overall history and high amniotic fluid, but I would've gladly taken a leap year baby.

    Sal is such a beautiful little boy. Had to laugh at him re-programming your Chinese-only remotes. Hah.

  3. His newborn pic doesn't even look like him anymore!

  4. He is so adorable!!!! :) Love that boy:) (and still we think alike...I have this type of post for Aiden on the 18th:)

  5. Such a sweet boy! Ryland is a Friday the 13th baby too. And an absolute gift....just like Sal. xo