Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grateful: Day 7: Grocery Delivery

City Shop Delivery
Shortly after we arrived in Wuxi, I learned about a Shanghai based grocery chain called City Shop. Shanghai is a 2 hour drive from our door, but the beauty of City Shop is that they deliver imported groceries all the way to Wuxi, and allow for internet orders!

This was music to my ears.

I do most of our shopping at the local METRO supermarket, or the fresh produce market, but there are some imported items that I can only find at City Shop, so it's worth making a monthly order from them. They have free delivery if I spend over 200 RMB, which is roughly $30 USD. With things like my all natural peanut butter running $9 a jar, you can see that it's quite easy to meet that minimum.

Having a baby, a full size stroller & a convertible carseat to carry downstairs every time I need to go somewhere by car is sometimes more of a hassle than it's worth. The thing about grocery stores here is that they don't carry everything all of the time. If you see imported cheese at Carrefor one day, you better buy them all, because if you wait, they will be gone, and who knows if they will every get it in again. It's possible to go to 3 grocery stores looking for butter and turn up empty handed.

Hard to believe for most Americans, I'm sure.

So, about once a month, I log onto City Shop, and spend more than I want to on imported food so I can restock our necessities. Canned green chiles for mexican dishes, cat litter, and while I'm at it, a case of diet Pepsi, since someone else will be carrying them.

I am so grateful for City Shop and their delivery services.

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