Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Campers {Faria Beach Campground}

    Nick and I always talk about going camping, but found out pretty quickly that if we don't reserve months and months in advance, that camping isn't going to happen. It's phenomenal how fast sites go...like, literally within minutes of them being released on the reserveamerica site. Nick asked around and found out that we actually have a few in our area that are first come first served, so he scouted out for spots after work last Wednesday, but got skunked. He went again on Thursday at lunch ( with the knowledge that checkout is 11;00 am) and as he was leaving the campground-dejected--he saw someone pull out of a spot just steps from the beach. You can bet he got over there and popped up one of our tents and paid for the spot!

    We managed to throw everything together within a couple of hours (hooray for being OCD about re-packing after each trip..It's always ready to go!) and hit the road after Carla's last day of her "teacher + me" class for the year.

   The kids had so much fun. A dirt covered, sunskissed, cheeto eating, staying up way too late kind of FUN. These are the memories that Nick and I hope our kids remember from childhood. Time spent as a family, unplugged and free of most of our material belongings. I have to say, there was FAR less fighting this last weekend. It was a beautiful thing..as was the beach. I loved being just steps from the sand. The kids climbed on the rocks and we enjoyed sunset cocktails every night before lighting up the fire pit for smores.


I think we're hooked. I'm already checking our calendar to see when we can go again!