Meet the bambinos

I became a mother for the first time on May 18, 2009-- our daughter, Denise was born three and a half months early --we said hello and goodbye in the  very same breath. She's got a piece of my heart that will forever be missing. If you're a baby loss mama, check out my archives from February 2009-January 2012. I blogged in depth as an outlet for my grief in hopes it might help another family get through the pain.

My second child was born on January 13, 2012 in California. Salvatore is our opinionated little guido in training. He's full throttle from sun up to sun down, and keeps me on my toes. If you want to get on his good side, skittles or a trip to a construction site to see the excavators at work will get you far.

My third child, Carla, was born on January 13, 2014 in Shanghai, China. She is exactly two years younger than big brother Sal. Carla is my sweet, easy going lil bit. She has a sunny disposition and a smile that will melt your heart.

Fourth addition to our family, Gino, came into our lives March 25, 2015...just 14 months after his big sister Carla was born. He's a pretty mellow baby, but will definitely let us know when he's unhappy.

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