Thursday, October 23, 2014

When bad words fly

Anyone else watch Modern Family?

Remember the episode where Lily says "fu-k" and Cam laughs? Then he and Mitchell have a chat and agree that they must address this word in all seriousness..and then she says it again and Cam can't contain himself?


That'd be me.

A couple of weeks ago, Nick swore he heard Sal utter profanity in a phrase. He's very verbal, but some of his words are still indistinguishable from another. I chalked it up to that. 

And then...riding in my dad's truck last weekend, he says it again. But did I really hear what I thought I just heard?

I texted NZ who wasn't with us on the trip, and he agreed, that's what he heard the week before. At that point I did nothing about it because I wasn't absolutely sure of what I heard and it definitely wasn't in context.

Fast forward to today.

While trying to rush and put shoes on to go help his grandma feed the horse, he had two dogs licking his face and making the task of putting on his shoes very difficult. He pushed the dogs away, and they came back. Frustrated, he yells, "fu-king dammit! Go away dogs". It was as clear as day and no mistaking it.

Used in context.

What's a mom to do?

I immediately turned my head away from him and willed back laughter and my smile and thought " Did he just say that? " I got myself together but it was realllllly hard not to laugh like Cam does in the swear word episode.

I told him that he can't say that phrase even though he might hear adults say it sometimes. I suggested a few alternatives for when he feels frustrated, and I'm hoping they stick. Looking back, maybe I should've ignored it as we've been doing, but since I've addressed it, there's no going back. 

Here's to hoping he doesn't let it slips somewhere wildly inappropriate--like the doctors office or grocery store line. 

And, note to self---they hear EVERYTHING. 

I must now step down from my position as mother of the year.

Anyone else's kids let a bad word or phrase fly? How'd you deal with it?

Monday, October 20, 2014

17 weeks pregnant

Total weight gain/loss: 4 lb

Maternity clothes? Yes, shirts, but still in regular jeans and shorts. Getting close to busting seams though. 

Stretch marks? No. Hoping that the fact that I've birthed three previous babies without getting any means I just don't get them, ever....but we will see.

Sleep: pretty good still. I had wild dreams the first part of pregnancy but they've simmered down enough for me to get a good nights sleep lately. 

Best moment this week: a referral for my detailed ultrasound was finally approved. Also, I think I felt some movement last night, but too soon to know for sure.

Miss anything?: friday night cocktails with NZ.

Movement: Maybe?

Food cravings: Lemonade & graham crackers. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: nope. Had morning sickness the first 12-13 weeks that hit Wilbur fail every afternoon at 3:00, but it has passed and now pretty much everything sounds good to eat. 

Gender: we can find out at my next ultrasound but NZ won't be able to go with me, so I'll wait to find out until we're reunited. Hold onto your horses, aunties & grandmas. 

Happy or Moody?: Happy. I've got a lot of good going on in my life right now. A husband, two healthy kids with another on the way. 

Looking forward to: Having NZ join us in a few weeks and getting to spend holidays with all of our family.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carla is NINE months!

Happy 9 months to the happiest little girl I know.


She melts my heart every single day with her toothy little smile.

She's sprouted three more teeth since last month. She's a teething machine! With her newfound chompers, she's also become an eating machine. 

Chicken? Sure. Crackers? Heck yeah. Bring on the steak! (Just kidding, no steak yet.)

She will often clear her tray and finish off her big brother's food....especially  if it's spaghetti made by her Nonno. She devours it. 

Most of the clothes we brought over with us are getting a bit snug, so she's moved up to 12 month size on most things except pants. I also put on her first pair of shoes--but she wasn't a fan. They came off as quick as they went on. 


Due to a lingering snotty nose after our flight home, Carla got to meet her pediatrician for the first time this week. She weighed in at 17lb, 7oz. Grow girl grow! Carla also moved out of her bucket seat and into her convertible, and she is a happier traveller because of it. She can finally see out the window at all the things her brother is yelling about. 

"Cemeeeeent mixer! Tankah chuuuuuck! Towing engine!" 

We've spent a few afternoons at our house since  being back. Our first time home, the neighbor kids all greeted us at the car door to see the kids. It was a really nice homecoming. Every time I go to the house in the late afternoon, they come out to hang out with my kids. I think that says a lot about our neighborhood--when 15 year olds willingly hang out and entertain a 9 month old and 2 year old. No doubt, I have quite a few baby sitters available now...which is good, because if the picture below is any indication of what's to come.....I need more eyes. 


This age is so fun though. Carla is really mobile and has even done some balance checks, letting go of whatever is holding her up and standing unassisted for a whole .0002 seconds.  She's also a big time babbler, shrieker and laugher, and it's super cute. She adores her brother, even when he sits on her face. He's a stinker, that one. They feed off each other and it gives me hope that one day he will stop sitting on her and start sharing. A mom can hope, right? 

In our first month home, Carla has been to the zoo, pumpkin patch, a few parks and Target (too many times to count). 

Her favorite by far, are the swings.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Perpetually pregnant

I've got to preface this post by saying--I am really excited to be growing another baby--because I'm afraid while writing this post, it may come across a bit differently. 

While sitting in my OB's office today, for my first appointment with her, I had to go over my pregnancy history with the nurse. I couldn't help but do the's 2014 now. My first miscarriage was 2008. I have been pregnant or trying to get pregnant for every single year since 2008. 

That's crazy.

Six years.

Sixth pregnancy.

When I found out I was expecting again, I was in disbelief. I was still very much a slave to nursing tops and Carla's on demand feeding schedule. I hadn't yet dropped all my pregnancy pounds, although it was coming off, slowly but surely. I hadn't even had the chance to join my husband for Friday night cocktails--one of my favorite things we've done together throughout the years.

And just like that, all of the things I looked forward to doing once Carla started taking bottles were pushed off into the future. My wants would have to wait. Someday I will feel like myself again. 

But for now, I feel perpetually pregnant. 

I'm almost 16 weeks but look 24. The belly is being rocked. When people ask how far along I am, and learn that I'm not even half way, they often tell me it must be a big baby. Or, they tell me, "well, it is number three, you know." And inside my head, the asshole in me is repeating FOUR. This is going to be the fourth baby I've grown and birthed. But you know, I don't want to be an asshole, so I keep that whole snarky FOURTH CHILD inside my head to save any weirdness. 

My hopes for this pregnancy is that I am able to enjoy it. My previous pregnancies were filled with so much anxiety that I lived from appointment to appointment and sometimes made appointments in between just so I could know that the baby was still alive. I was scared of reliving that moment when I learned Denise was no longer living. I still am...but I'm hopeful that I can put fear aside and really just roll with the punches. I'm in a really good place in my life, surrounded by family and easily accessible physicians. I've had two healthy children with no complications. That's got to mean something, right? 

Yet, I still wrestle with that feeling of doom.

This coming from a woman who saw her baby and its heartbeat just two hours ago. 

The countdown is on to my next appointment. 

Such is the life of the perpetually pregnant. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


We're Californians again!

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple of weeks, but as you can imagine, life has been busy since we landed almost two weeks ago. The kids and I are here to stay, but we're wanting time to slow down before NZ heads back to China in a few days. We will miss him.

My days have been filled with errands, and phone calls, and getting utilities switched back over, etc. I managed to fit a trip to the salon in, and finally got my hair done for the first time in two years, and aside from growing another human, I'm feeling more and more like myself again. It's amazing what a hairstyle will do for your sanity. 


I had anticipated the purchase of my car and agonized over the choices within our needs, but when it all came down to it, I looked at one minivan and knew it wasn't the car for me. We purchased my wheels in record time once I had ruled out the minivan, and I'm happy with my choice. It will serve our family well, and the kids will dig the dual DVD players once they're both forward facing. Welcome to the American way of overindulgence. 

Right now, I'm a bit panicked about my prenatal care, as my insurance was a train wreck upon receipt of our cards--none of us were assigned the physicians we had selected. I gave up and saw a new PcP, and like him well enough to stay, but now insurance isn't showing me as a member of the HMO group I was assigned to, so my authorization for prenatal care is at a halt. It will all work out, but it's quite frustrating. I've got better things to do than spend an afternoon on the phone explaining and re-explaining my situation to different reps, only to be disconnected. I mean, really? As of today, it might be fixed, but it took a hell of a lot of my attention to get things straightened out. 

The kids have adjusted really well. Jetlag was only an issue for two nights, which is a record in this house. Carla did share a cold with Sal and me--apparently licking airplane seats isn't a good idea. I think we are all past the worst of it now. 


We have had some fun since getting back- the kids and I went to the Santa Barbara zoo last week while NZ fished with his dad, and we took a trip to the pumpkin patch with friends. We've had a few friends host dinners for us, which has been a nice break from all the eating out we've been doing. It's great to catch up and hang out with those we have missed. 

I guess that's all for now. Time to get today started. 

Go go go!