Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carla is NINE months!

Happy 9 months to the happiest little girl I know.


She melts my heart every single day with her toothy little smile.

She's sprouted three more teeth since last month. She's a teething machine! With her newfound chompers, she's also become an eating machine. 

Chicken? Sure. Crackers? Heck yeah. Bring on the steak! (Just kidding, no steak yet.)

She will often clear her tray and finish off her big brother's food....especially  if it's spaghetti made by her Nonno. She devours it. 

Most of the clothes we brought over with us are getting a bit snug, so she's moved up to 12 month size on most things except pants. I also put on her first pair of shoes--but she wasn't a fan. They came off as quick as they went on. 


Due to a lingering snotty nose after our flight home, Carla got to meet her pediatrician for the first time this week. She weighed in at 17lb, 7oz. Grow girl grow! Carla also moved out of her bucket seat and into her convertible, and she is a happier traveller because of it. She can finally see out the window at all the things her brother is yelling about. 

"Cemeeeeent mixer! Tankah chuuuuuck! Towing engine!" 

We've spent a few afternoons at our house since  being back. Our first time home, the neighbor kids all greeted us at the car door to see the kids. It was a really nice homecoming. Every time I go to the house in the late afternoon, they come out to hang out with my kids. I think that says a lot about our neighborhood--when 15 year olds willingly hang out and entertain a 9 month old and 2 year old. No doubt, I have quite a few baby sitters available now...which is good, because if the picture below is any indication of what's to come.....I need more eyes. 


This age is so fun though. Carla is really mobile and has even done some balance checks, letting go of whatever is holding her up and standing unassisted for a whole .0002 seconds.  She's also a big time babbler, shrieker and laugher, and it's super cute. She adores her brother, even when he sits on her face. He's a stinker, that one. They feed off each other and it gives me hope that one day he will stop sitting on her and start sharing. A mom can hope, right? 

In our first month home, Carla has been to the zoo, pumpkin patch, a few parks and Target (too many times to count). 

Her favorite by far, are the swings.


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  1. That Carla is so cute! Claire has the same feeling about shoes...

    Love all the mobility and what a good little grower! She and Claire are about the same size. Claire is over 18, but not by much. This is such a fun stage. :)