Friday, November 30, 2012

Grateful: Day 29: Hand-me-downs

Even though Sal's aunties take good care to make sure he never has to wear a pair of split pants, and always has a fresh burp cloth, I am extremely thankful for the kindness of both my sister-in-law and a fellow expat family for their hand-me-down and loaned clothing. We borrowed a bunch of clothes from my nephews while back in the states, which got us through the first 6 months with ease. When we moved here, I had a stockpile of "new" clothes from my sister, and shortly thereafter, Sal inherited a little boy's wardrobe of 9-12 month clothing from an American family also living here.

It makes me feel good to get more use out of something. Especially living here, where many people survive with very little. I admit, seeing people here, and the conditions that some of them live in, makes me feel guilty for living so well. So, if I can squeeze out some more wear from clothes, and save money, why not?

If Sal could speak, I am sure he would say that he could care less about whether his socks matched his onesie, or that he had on brand new kicks. He'd be more excited to tell you about his hand-me-down practically new cars and push toy. We're so very thankful for the kindness of others, and hope we can share these toys and clothes with someone else down the road.

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