Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Grateful: Day 28: Grandparents

Today I am thankful for my grandparents.

                                 Sal gives grandpa Jimmie a laugh on the lazy Susan.

My relationship with them is not typical. I grew up across the street from my mom's parents, and my dad's parents lived across the canyon, less than one mile away. I thought it was normal to see them on a regular basis. This was, of course, until I found out that my friends had to get on airplanes to go to Minnesota to see their grandparents.

my grandmas, me & my mah
December 2011

I've learned a lot from them all. My granny pat taught me how to shop, while grandma Dottie  has quite possibly the BEST buttermilk pancakes and aebelskivers in the West. And guess what. She shared her recipe. Isn't that special?  My grandpa Bud was a patient man who spent time perfecting my backhand on the tennis court. He called me toots, and looked out for the ladies in his life. My grandpa Jimmie taught us lawn darts, how to feed blue jays and introduced us to Italian donuts (certs!) and a love of the Santa Barbara breakwater.

Both of my grandfathers have passed away, grandpa Bud in 2007 and grandpa Jimmie just this past October. I am grateful that they have all lived through a good portion of my adult life, and that I still have both my grandmas to call on. I realize that the family dynamic I grew up with, having grandparents at my disposal, is quite uncommon, and for those years we've had together, I am so very thankful.

The "Bud" smirk.

Side note: I really wish my grandpa Bud were alive to see Sal. Sal has started making a few facial expressions that bare a striking resemblance to those of grandpa.

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