Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grateful: Day 27: Weekends

One thing that's been quite a change for us since moving overseas, is having weekends that are WIDE open for doing a whole lotta nothin together. Back home, owning a house--NZ always had a honey-do list to keep the house maintained, and I had my list too. We both had our hobbies that ate up a morning or afternoon, and then by the time our household duties were done, it was Sunday night again.

Towards the end of our time in the States, we were traveling, working on the house or having garage sales every weekend for the three months leading up to the move. Add to that the fact that NZ sometimes had to travel for work, meaning many Sundays were spent saying goodbye, rather than watching a Dodger game on the tube together.

So, one thing that I am grateful for here, is the fact that for the first time in years, we have from quitting time Friday until the Monday morning alarm goes off to do whatever we please. No sprinklers to fix, no lawns to mow, no obligations whatsoever.

We are starting to get a little stir crazy by Sunday afternoon, but we just joined a gym and are excited to be lacing up our sneakers again and throwing around the weights.

I'm sure in time, we will fill our weekends here with activities, but for now, its been nice to be able to  take our weekends slow.

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  1. Man, I can so relate to this. When living in Germany, we traveled and explored and hung out and cooked and were FUN. Now that we're in Chicago, we literally put B down for bed and spend the next 3 hours chipping away at our basement remodel and whatever else we can find. And the weekends? Hah!

    I told E that I never want to own another house. I just miss my family...