Monday, November 12, 2012

Grateful: Day 12: Western Facilities

Today I am grateful for western "facilities", as in, western toilets.

Before you go scratching your head, asking yourself, Western? toilet? Aren't all toilets the same?

Let me take a minute to show you.. the Chinese "Squatty Potty".

image from
I couldn't bare to show you how dirty they really are. This one must be brand spankin new.
Yep. This is what I run into when needing to use the facilities while out and about. Some of the western restaurants have "normal" thrones, and believe me, all of us expat women know which places those are, but the majority of what one might end up using, are these squatty potties.

Oh, and bring your own packet of kleenex unless you like to drip dry. Most restrooms don't have toilet paper. And hand sanitizer. If they don't carry toilet paper, you can bet your dollar that hand sanitizer and soap are usually a missing element to the bathroom experience as well.

Maybe this explains why so many Chinese just pee outside in the open? At least they have the audience fresh air going for them.

Thankfully our apartment is outfitted with western toilets, for which, I am ever so grateful. Three years would be an aweful long time to "hold it", don't ya think?

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