Friday, November 2, 2012

From the 25th floor

Face paint central. View from our home office.

This week we celebrated Halloween in Wuxi. A couple of the more artistic people in our complex had children lined up for face painting as a pre-trick-or-treating treat. For many of the children, this was their first experience with the way Americans celebrate Halloween. Although many countries have a similar holiday celebrating the dead, theirs focuses more on just that-celebrating the dead-not getting candy from strangers.

We got cleaned out of candy and started handing out RMB to the last groups of children that came to our door. The estimated number of kids was 40, and we had 70 pieces of candy...but some Chinese children who were not a part of our organized group saw the foreign kids getting free candy, and they hopped along for the door to door ride, holding as much candy in their bare hands as they possibly could. So, sadly, we got cleaned out, which meant no leftovers for the grown ups.

Pumpkins & Butterflies were popular choices.

Nacho chose a 'stache to complete the look

It was nice to feel the little kids excitement, and to dress my little guy up as Nacho Libre for the evening. He did not go door to door, but instead enjoyed the warmth of  our apartment, and answering the door with his mama when the kids rang.

A huge thank you to the Aittama family for organizing the list of participating apartments, and for those who joined in this silly American tradition.  It was a taste of home that I think all of us expats welcomed with open arms.


  1. Wow! I am surprised you went through over 70 pieces of candy. I love that people hand out cash, though I'm too cheap to do so. I saw a few kids walk up with dollar bills in their buckets. I wanted to know where they came from, because I was most definitely going to send B to their house when he's older. Hah.

    He's the cutest Nacho ever.

    1. Thankfully, 1RMB is only 15 cents in the states, lol. I'm cheap too (: