Saturday, November 17, 2012

Grateful: Day 17: 5k Monday group

One of my favorite things living here is the friendships I have made.
Every Monday, a group of ladies make a round trip walk to Starbucks and the vegetable market together. This is Sal's and my Monday activity, as we leave around 9:30a and return around 11:45a..just in time for lunch and a nap ( if he doesn't fall asleep in his stroller on the way home first).
Instead of calling it what it is--a walk to Starbucks so some of my friends can feed their fix so that we can enjoy a nice warm beverage with friends--it's been dubbed "5k Monday" because that is roughly the round trip distance from our complex to Starbucks and back.
We get a lot of walking in around these parts.
A lot.
Like, every day.
Walking home from the vegetable markt on a sunny morning

I can't think of a better way to spend our Monday mornings..Exercise, Starbucks and getting vegetables and fruit for the week with friends. 5k Monday ladies, I am so thankful for you all!


  1. Hey! As one of those friends who has to get her Starbucks fix...ha! Just kidding my friend. Love you and our 5K club...looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. I look forward to 5K Monday when I come to visit for my Sbux daily fix

  3. I'm so glad you have that. What a fun group of ladies, and of course the name! I would love friends within walking distance of me, but have none! Also, warm weather would probably help. Hah.