Saturday, November 24, 2012

Grateful: Day 25: Healthcare

Every Monday morning, I pass by one of the local hospitals on my 5K run walk to Starbucks with the ladies. We pass by, and I'm still astonished at the sheer magnitude of people who are waiting in a line ( or sitting in the back of parked vans out in the lot) to be seen. I have no idea how long these people wait, or what ails them, but for me, it equates to too many people, not enough physicians...and socialized medicine. No one who is waiting seems bothered by the fact that they will be parked in a line most of the day--because this is all they know of healthcare.

Hard to see, but behind me stand about 100  people waiting in line
Speaking for myself, I appreciate private healthcare, where I might pay a bit more, but am assured care by a physician who has access and ability to further testing and medical intervention at the drop of a hat. So, today, I am extra thankful for our international healthcare coverage here in China, which allows us to bypass the socialized system and access quick and thorough care through a private facility if the need arises. Granted, the hospital tied to our insurance is a 2 hour drive away in Shanghai, but for most things, the local satellite clinic is sufficient for taking care of our needs during the weekdays.

I hope to never experience the inside of a local hospital Emergency Room.

( Did you hear that Sal?)

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  1. You should've seen it this morning...there was a guy on a stretcher being brought in from who knows where with his head hanging off the front end of it. Wow.....