Friday, November 2, 2012

Grateful: Day 3: Home away from home

Today I am grateful for our home here in Wuxi.
Move-in day. Suitcases in tow.

If I have  to live anywhere other than our house in California, then this apartment that we call home in Wuxi is where I want to be. I love that its new construction. I love that we have heating and air conditioning. I love that we have a good amount of square footage, which equates to room to breathe-which in an apartment, isn't always easy. There's enough room here that were not stepping on one a other (unless you're in the kitchen) every time we turn around.

Cooking in our "massive" kitchen
Walking around Wuxi, or even just looking off our balcony, it's clear to see that most people do not get to live the way we are. Out my window, I can see a brick apartment building that looks as if hurricane Sandy peeled its front wall's been this way for months, and I see signs of life within. Seeing people living in those conditions breaks my heart, and makes me especially grateful that I not only have a roof over my head, but a nicely engineered one at that.

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