Friday, November 30, 2012

Grateful: Day 30: Fitness center

Once upon a time...

I was impeccably fit.

And let there be no excuses, other than life got in the way, and laziness got the best of me.

So, today, I am thankful that NZ and I are back on track. We finally secured gym memberships and have put them to use. We're working on a schedule that allows for us to both be able to go at least 3-4 times a week without compromising our time together as a family. When we were young and dumb it didn't matter as much if we ate dinner together or not. Now with a son, we make family dinner a priority.

But, just as eating together is important to us, so is setting a good example for our son in terms of living a fit, healthy lifestyle.

So, today, I am thankful that we have access to a gym within our complex, and the means necessary to put physical fitness back in our day to day lives.


  1. Hey, are you the same Brie who was a gymnast at SB Girls' Club back in the late '80s? With Julie Updike as head coach? I ran across a fitness post about you which had a gymnast photo, and that photo looked like it could be an older version of the Brie I knew at about age 12 or so (I was the oldest on the team, 16 at the time).


    1. Yep, that's me (: are you Stephanie Lockwod? If so, I remember you!

    2. Right, and now Lockwood-Childs!

      I've poked around your blog more since I asked, and I was pretty sure you were the same Brie, because that smile sure looks familiar (it's a nice one btw).

      Not surprised you made it onto a college team -- you certainly were ahead of where I had been at age 12. My goal at the Girls' Club was to hang on until I could try out as bars specialist for college, since that was about the only thing I was any good at for girls' events (I was always rather mad that we got gypped with only one bars event just for being a girl!) but that was probably a long-shot even if I hadn't had to retire from that stupid back problem. It took 20 yrs to get the right diagnosis on that thing, turned out to be an immune-based arthritis and not sports-related at all...

      I actually saw our former coach Julie and former assistant coach Dean at a meet in San Jose one time (maybe the Olympic trials 8 yrs ago?) but you are the first former teammate I have located.

      How long do you plan to stay in China? Recently I had a project lead who previously spent a couple years working in China and then moved back; does your husband have a similar plan?

    3. P.S. I'm pretty surprised you remembered my last name, you must have a really good memory