Sunday, December 11, 2011


How far along? 33 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 30 lbs (yikes!!!!)

Maternity clothes? Over them. Even the biggest hand me downs aren't fitting anymore. Hello, sweatpants, I love you!!!!! If only they'd be deemed appropriate attire for my office's holiday luncheon at the Country Club next weekend... After all, the dress code only indicates that collars must be worn, and denim is frowned upon. Nothing about sweat pants (=

Stretch marks? Knock on wood. None yet.

Sleep: Much better this week. NZ is finally home after 3 weeks of jet setting, so I always sleep better with him home, and also, my cold of the century is starting to clear up, so it makes it like totally possible to breathe again, which helps with the sleeping situation.

Best moment this week: Having the lady at Weinerschnitzel ask me if my order of 3 dozen chili dogs was "for here or to go" when I stopped by to pick up lunch for my husband's office. Yes, as if I was going to devour all 36 chili dogs on my own..I know I'm pregnant, and all, but really???! It gave me a good laugh. 3 dozen corn dogs, maybe...but chili dogs, no thanks!

Miss Anything? Being able to look in my closet and pick out a cute outfit, and knowing that it's going to fit. Seems like I am at the point where everything I put on just magnifies my big-ness these days. I miss my favorite pair of blue jeans!!!!!!!!!!

Movement: He's been super active this week. Lots of rolls..and he has an arsenal of different types of rib and bladder kicks. No two are the same, and they've forced me out of bed at 3 a.m. a couple times this week until he calms down.

Food cravings: Frozen lemonade, even though the only place it's available is at the mall, and I am avoiding the mall at all costs, therefore, my craving is left unsatisfied. Maybe it will pass?

Anything making you queasy or sick: Considering I bought steak for steak tacos a few days ago, and it is still sitting in our fridge because now I can't bear the thought of eating a steak taco...I guess steak is not my friend this week.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: After a stellar check up on Thursday with my OB, and a NST that he passed with flying colors, I was on top of the world and had energy to spare. I picked up lunch for NZ and his office mates, then decided that hitting up target and Ross was a great idea....until I got home, 5 hours after I left the house..which was my longest outing in about 8 weeks... and had contractions at 10 minute intervals for a good hour. I laid on my side, drank water and they were still coming. I finally called NZ who was working late, and he told me to call my OB and he headed home to possibly take me in for monitoring again. I called the OB, and by the time I received a call-back, they had subsided. The OB and I agreed that I had overdone it, and I was allowed to stay home with instructions to head to L&D if they picked up again. Thank goodness they went away. I want to meet the kid and all, but I'd like at least 3 more weeks of baking before we meet.

Symptoms: Sore ribs. Difficulty getting a deep breath when he is in certain positions.

Belly Button in or out? NZ says it's flush, I say it's out.

Wedding rings on or off? I can't get them off. I will be getting the baby oil out shortly so I can avoid having them cut off in the hospital. As a treat, I'll send them to the jeweler to be cleaned and buffed so that when I can wear them again, they will sparkle like the day we said " I do!"!

Happy or Moody?: Happy. So freakin' excited to have the weeks fly by.

Looking forward to: My last ultrasound with my fedora wearing MFM is on Tuesday!! How big will he be???


  1. The bit about your experience at Weinerschnitzel made me laugh so hard and I had to read it aloud to my husband.

  2. I'm guessing he is about 6lbs this week! You've grown quite a bit from 3 weeks ago. Hopefully he will be the perfect size for all the NB clothes auntie bought him on Thursday :)