Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homemade Holiday: Quiet Book

A couple years back, I made our first born nephew a quiet book when he turned three. This year, one of our other nephews also turned three, and seems to be drawn to my childhood quiet book every time he comes over to "Uncle Nick's house". So, I decided that I would make him his very own book and give it to him for Christmas. I call this one Quiet book 2.0, since I have made some changes to my original pattern.

The main change I made with this book, was that I opted to use felt for the pages, like my friend Liz , over at A crafty B, did for her daughter's book. The felt just feels sturdier, and is easier to snap, button, and velcro to, than the quilting cotton that I used on my first version.

I like quiet books because they work on a child's fine motor skills, and they can go at their own pace. Some pages are meant to be challenging, with things like lacing, or weaving, and others focus on color recognition, counting, and day to day tasks, such as snapping, buttoning and using velcro.

Upon completion of the pages, I made a canvas cover complete with carrying handles, so our nephew can take his book on-the-go.

I hope it provides hours of entertainment ( & some quiet time for his mama!) for years to come.


  1. Wow--this is so awesome! You should sell these! :)

  2. brie,
    your mom made jordon a quiet book 32 years ago and it is one of the few things i have kept
    love you auntie

  3. Please sell these in your etsy shop!!!

  4. These are absolutely awesome!! I totally agree that you should start selling them... I would totally buy them and I am pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one. They are absolutely adorable (in addition to working on some very useful skills).

  5. you are so talented, love this!