Sunday, December 11, 2011

Make it: baby leg warmers

Have you seen these?

I ran across Baby Legs, and love the idea of simplifying diaper changes ( no pants to take off) while keeping babies legs warm and protected while crawling.

However, at $12-$15 a pair, I thought to myself, they can't possibly be that difficult to make on my own. I was right!

I found a tutorial over at everything your mama made & more and made my own boyish version for just $2.

First I bought a pair of knee high socks at Target for $2

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  1. I need to try making these! I have like 10 pairs of babylegs I bought for Stevie when they were on mega sale...really glad now that I bought all the 'boy' styles thinking the girly ones weren't as cute as the simple stripes :)

    Anyway, this looks like an easy enough sewing project to try, thanks!