Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Make It: Rolled Diaper Wreath

I found that it is really really hard to let others do all the decorating for your baby shower, when you love crafting as much as I do. Don't get me wrong, my sister and sister-in-law put my crafting abilities to shame with all that they do, but I just couldn't help myself....I had to make SOMETHING for my shower.

Afterall, I am home all.day.long.bored.off.my......

So, I asked if they had anything for the front door, and the

answer was no. This gave me the green light to attempt a diaper wreath.

Most of the tutorials for diaper wreaths are for wreaths like the one pictured below, where the diapers are opened up, and the wreath form is sandwiched between the two sides of the diaper and then tied or rubber banded shut.


That type of diaper wreath is the most common, but I wanted one more like this...

So, I set out to make one myself.

To make a rolled diaper wreath, you'll need approximately 20-24 diapers. I used a mismatch of leftover diapers I had on hand for our first nephew (he's almost 5 now!) and some newborn ones I have waiting the boy to be born. I also added in some flannel burp clothes I had sewn up, just for an added splash of color. If I were to do this over, I would have used all newborn diapers, because the Pampers I bought don't have prints on them like the leftover ones I used did.

You will also need a wire wreath form, available at most craft stores. They are usually green in color. Mine was 18" which was bigger than I wanted, but it was on clearance, and hey...it's no secret that I'm cheap! 18 inches would do!

I started by opening up each diaper, but leaving the tabs folded in. I started rolling from the top front down through the crotch and up the back until I had a perfect little bullet. I wrapped fabric ribbon ( the gray and white polkadots) around it, and tied it off on the underside..then repeated this 20 something times.
For the burp cloths: I folded them to be the same width as a rolled diaper, and rolled them up, and tied them with the same fabric ribbon.

Once all of my little diaper bullets were rolled, I got out some baker's twine, and threaded it through the fabric ribbon at the underside of each rolled diaper. This made it possible for me to tie each rolled diaper to the wire frame ( sorry, I didn't photograph that step). Just keep threading the twine through each roll, and tying each separate roll to the wreath...making sure to pack them in tight.

You'll end up with something like this...

Since I used actual fabric, cut into 1.5 inch "ribbon", I decided to make a large bow tie out of the same fabric for the top.

To make the large "bowtie", I simply cut two rectangles measuring about 3.5"x6" and placed them right sides together. I sewed around the edges, leaving a 2' opening to turn the fabric right side out. Once turned right side out, press, and topstitch around the edge of the rectangle, making sure to catch the folded in opening.

For the bow "center", cut a strip of fabric, measuring about 2.5" x 3.5" and fold in half, lengthwise ( makes a tube shape) with right sides facing in. Sew with 1/4" seam allowance, turn right side out, and then sew the two ends together, making a "ring".

Fold large rectangle of fabric accordion style, then slip it through the ring you just made. Position ring in the center. Open up the accordion folds and there you go...a huge bow tie for the top!

I tied the bow tie to the top of the wreath in the same manner that the diapers were tied on. Just thread twine through the backside of the "ring" on the bow, and tie to the frame.

Confused yet?

I hope not..but I realize, I might be worse than ikea with these instructions..I reallllly, realllly should have taken photos to do a step-by-step.

Here's how mine ended up..

Best part of it all?? The diapers are useable! Just untie and unroll!

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