Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Still on fast forward

I'm going to be real, and honest here.

I thought that once I had a baby, or was at least pregnant again, that I would once again feel the excitement over the Holiday season..

Yet, here I sit, once again, wishing this season would be as easy to fast forward through as commercials during a DVR'd episode of Pan Am.

Totally not what I expected.

I remember after Halloween was over, feeling excited for Thanksgiving, Black Friday deals, Christmas decorating and gift buying.

That was.... until I was put on restriction the first week of November.

No excess activities. One errand a day, max.

Totally threw a wrench in my plans..In my perfect world, I would be done with work as of November 1st, and would have time ( & energy) to visit friends, shop, decorate and really just relax and enjoy having freedom to do whatever I wanted before we learn about sleep deprivation, midnight feedings, and 2 minute showers.

Right now my reality is sleeping in, moving from our bed to the sofa, and deciding what errand I will go on to get some human interaction that day--and fearing that if I overdo anything, our son will be born early. I am back to wanting a fast forward button through the Holidays, just so we get to the day where we get to meet our son, and know that he's here alive and well.

Once he gets here, time can stand still. That'd be alright by me.


  1. Sadly, time FLIES by once the baby gets here! My rainbow baby is 2 already! Enjoy these last few weeks that you have him all to yourself :) I know it's hard to not wish the time away but really, really relish this time!