Friday, December 23, 2011


How far along? 35 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 33 lbs ( although I am disgruntled with the PA at my OB's office...she just so non-chalantly slid the weight past the balancing point, and wrote down a gain of 4 lbs since last week!) Being a tad bit OCD, I had done a pre-emptive weigh in at home prior to the appointment to avoid any surprises because she did the same thing last week..According to my scale, I gained half a pound this week, so I'm going with that (=

Maternity clothes? My day-to-day choices revolve around which of two shirts to wear..Navy blue or Gray and white striped. Yep, down to TWO shirts that cover my belly. Although I have grown all over, I really am pretty much one of those ALL belly girls.

Stretch marks? Not that I can see

Sleep: Decent. 

Best moment this week: Being told that I am measuring 2 weeks ahead, and even though I am 35 weeks, the boy measures full term! If  labor starts, there's no trying to stop it now. My other favorite moment this week was just going to the Apple store at the mall with NZ one night--with him traveling and me being mega pregnant, we really haven't gone out together very much..So yes, the mall date ( and dinner at HotDog on a Stick) was a highlight this week. I love the little things we do together.

Miss Anything? Not this week.

Movement: Again, the anxiety took over for 2 days straight, and although his kick counts always clocked in as directed, his movement throughout the day slowed a lot compared to what I was feeling over the weekend. By Wednesday, he was back to himself, and during the non-stress test on Thursday he had my OB laughing at the magnitude of  his movement.

Food cravings: Ice. (Discovering that an ice craving could be indicative of an iron deficiency , I have made an effort to eat more iron rich foods to see if it helps--so far I still just really really like love ice)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Chicken.

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: A few contractions in the past few days.

Symptoms: My wrists have been hurting throughout the night. I know from working for a Hand Surgeon that pregnancy can bring on symptoms of carpal tunnel as swelling and water retention can put pressure on the carpal hopefully its short lived and goes away after delivery.

Belly Button in or out? sorta outtie

Wedding rings on or off? Off. Booooooo! I decided it was better to take them off myself instead of having them cut off if I have to have a C-section or anything. I do have a band I am wearing so I don't feel all that naked yet.

Happy or Moody?: Nervous. Anxious. We've gotten this far and I just don't want anything to go wrong between now and delivery! I want to see his face, hear his cry....and just know that we've got a healthy, living baby to bring home. 

Looking forward to: Christmas and a few days with my ol man off of work.


  1. I wore wrist braces at night which really helped with the carpal tunnel symptoms, (like the ones they sell at rite aid with velcro on them). Make sure you are eating enough protein that will help with the water retention and iron deficiency!

  2. You look so amazing! I really hope to look as good as you do in another 8-9 weeks! Can't believe you are already almost full-term!! XO

  3. B, I went to a prenatal yoga class yesterday with this awesome and knowledgeable teacher and her recommendations for carpal tunnel was "get wrist braces." Even though the pain is only during the few last weeks (she said it's typical for 38+, so you ARE ahead), it's something she recommends that you invest in. She also showed some hand stretches to improve circulation before bedtime. Mostly, raise your heads above your head, shake your fingers, roll your wrists etc.
    Good luck!