Friday, December 16, 2011


How far along? 34 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 32 lbs ( I swear I didn't eat those chili dogs that I bought for Nick's work last week!!)

Maternity clothes? Old Navy saved the day. I bought a new long sleeve shirt and a pair of super comfy trouser jeans on clearance. Woot Woot!

Stretch marks? No but I have the itchiest, tenderest skin. I've been slathering on cocoa butter oil and lotion. I'm a hot sticky mess.

Sleep: Decent. Nothing to brag about though.

Best moment this week: We had our last ultrasound at the MFM ( I'll miss his Fedoras, but not the half hour to hour wait that we always sit through even when we're scheduled as his first appointment) and everything, I mean, EVERYTHING, looked "NORMAL". Man, I love the word NORMAL. It might be my new favorite word. The kid weighed in at an estimated 5lb1oz on Tuesday. He is what's called oblique breech, and we hope he flips in prep for a normal birth in the next few weeks.

Of course, in his own stubborn way, he refused, once again, to show us his face, He had his feet tucked up and away, and hands were hiding where his pants would be (= So, no pictures to share of him, but that is really the least of my concerns..He is still alive--and doing well--and honestly, that is ALL that matters.

Miss Anything? I may catch some lip about this one, from all the parents out there who will tell me " Freedom? Just wait till you have a baby and we'll talk about freedom!" But I miss my freedom right now. I miss being able to tend to more than one errand a day. I miss being able to walk through the mall. I miss going to the fabric store and spending the better half of an afternoon in there. I miss being able to wash my own car, or bring the overfilled laundry basket back in the house to fold clothes and keep my house tidy. I miss being able to lift boxes or carry in groceries on my own. I really have a hard time letting myself depend on others and delegating people to help me out is not one of my strengths. I keep telling myself that this is SOOOOO worth it--better to be safe than sorry. But it does get to me.

Movement: Beaver ( our 18 lb kitty) came and tried to sit on my belly the other night--to which he was promptly relocated to a more suitable position on my lap, and he just purred away while I pet him. Next thing I knew, the boy was moving so much I couldn't sit still. I think the purring of the cat next to my belly really ticked him off.

Food cravings: Ice. If only I had my very own crushed ice maker. Specifically, the pellett kind.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really

Gender: Boy

Labor Signs: Nope

Symptoms: Sore ribs.

Belly Button in or out? Flush

Wedding rings on or off? Still hanging onto hope that I will be able to continue wearing them up til delivery day...but acutely aware that they should have come off yesterday, lol.

Happy or Moody?: Happy & nervous.

Looking forward to: Christmas with my side of the family this week & some social interaction at our company holiday functions.


  1. I thought I was the only one with itchy skin. I put on lotion every day and nite I look like a shiny piece of butter scotch or something. lol but I'm still itchy. I hope it gets better for us. I hope baby boy flips in time for you also. and YAAAAAAAAY 34 wks and a good report! woo too!

  2. Wow, 34 weeks! LOL, I feel like your pregnancy is flying by but I'm guessing you'd probably disagree :) I'm bummed that there is no belly pic!

    Yeah, and your freedom comment was a little funny ;)

  3. 34 weeks!!! How wonderful!!!!!