Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eviction Notice

It seems that my little tenant is running out of space in the room uterus I had renovated for him. 
In the past week, he has found new nooks and crannies and ohmygawwwwd body parts to move aside to make himself more comfortable. I feel like he is literally trying to break free, like it's a prison or something. Either that or he's throwing a rager and punching holes in the walls.
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I LOVE being pregnant, and I can't wait to do it again..aside from the anxiety, which I think I have managed pretty dang well, it's been a wonderful experience. I don't take a single day for granted. 

That being said, I am ready to serve eviction papers on my little guy. I think he is ready to get out into the world too. We find out today if he is still lying oblique breech (he's maintained this position for the past 8 weeks), and my honest feeling is that he remains in this position or in a transverse position. If this is the case, i'm ready to talk C-section! After the road we've taken, I just want him out safely. I don't want to have to labor a breech baby and then end up with an emergency C-section if we can avoid it. I'd just assume get it scheduled, get in, have it done, meet him face to face, and then deal with the recovery of a C-section versus the whole emergent thing. Sure my mindset is a bit different than many, but I'm okay with it.

The last few nights, he has gotten himself into a position where I swear he is sideways. Like perpendicular to the position he SHOULD be in.. We're talking head poking out my right side, butt above my belly button, and feet to my back--and it hurts is uncomfortable as all get out. My belly is a lopsided mess. No torpedo, no watermelon, but more like I have a Chevy engine hidden under there. All big and bulky and awkward. He fires up that engine and there's no sitting still or getting comfortable. 
oblique lying fetus

Since I'm measuring full-term, and the Boy's estimated weight is over 6 lbs, I feel confident in serving him an eviction notice, and allowing 2 weeks for him to get his stuff together and vacate the premises. 

Baby boy, I love you. Your dad loves you....and we're really excited to meet you! There's a whole lot more room out here in the outside world!


  1. Come On Baby Boy! That last pic makes me think I was definitely feeling his butt 2 weeks ago


  2. Seeing that last pic makes me feel uncomfortable for you! I can't wait to see pics of him! Yay! You're almost there!

  3. UPDATE: Saw my OB this morning and he said he could feel the head during my cervical check, so baby flipped to head down sometime this past week!!! Atta boy!

  4. Brie, so funny. With my first pregnancy, my husband had a little talking to with our baby in womb at 2 weeks over dd. Saying "The "OB" is going to give you the eviction notice tomorrow, so if you want to come out on your own terms now is the time" That night at 11pm, the contractions started and 23 hours later she made her debut. The notices work! :)