Saturday, December 24, 2011

The crib: a temporary nursery

At first I thought we'd keep the baby in our room for the first few months, but we both decided that our house is small enough that having the baby in his own room, about 8 feet from us, will be the golden ticket.

The Boy's green, gray & navy room
The Boy will get his very own nursery come March/April, with a real crib . I have my eye on this crib, (Walmart's BabyMod Olivia), toy storage  like this (Ikea Expedit) and all things little boyish..You can bet I am already "pinning" ideas all over pinterest so when the time comes, I have everything all together.

For now though, he's sharing his room with a full-size bed, so the room can still double as a guest room for out of town visitors after his birth. We are using a pack-n-play for his first few months, and it's totally portable, so if people do come visit, we'll roll it into our room or the office so our guests aren't subject to midnight feedings and diaper changes.

DIY Chalkboard
I made a chalkboard and hung it by his bassinet. I used Rustoleum chalkboard paint in black, and it was really easy. It will eventually serve as a "Welcome [insert name]" with his birthdate, time and birth stats. I should start to practice writing some cool fonts like the ones used on Little Baby Garvin's signs.

visit Little Baby Garvin to see her adorable nursery
A couple years back, I made wooden "quote" signs as Christmas gifts for my family. I ended up with one that I had intended to use in our daughter's room, and although she never made it to a nursery of her own, I have kept that sign in the room ever since....and wouldn't you goes perfectly with my make-shift color scheme. The verse is " Sempre Bacilo Buona Notte" which loosely translated from Italian means, "Always Kiss Me Goodnight". I love it. I must have known that it would eventually fit perfectly into a little boy nursery...because most everything else I had for our daughter has been sold or given away..but that sign has stayed. I'm happy about that (=

My DIY changing pad cover & sign

Thank you to my ol man for being a furniture mover, and bassinet assembler on his Saturday morning. 

Dare I say it??

Here it goes.

I feel ready for this baby.


  1. Yay.. his own room! I think we are nearly all ready to meet this sweet boy, but I think you and NZ the most :) Can't wait. I stopped myself again today from buying clothes. Hard to shop and not buy. I do have a special little project that I'm going to work on in the next few weeks. Auntie loves you baby... can't wait to meet you!

  2. I have the Babymod Olivia crib and it's great!!! No dings, no drop-side recall problems. Go walmart :) Ours was back-ordered (back in the day), so keep your eyes/ears open.
    Pack-n-play is great for the first few months though.

  3. brie, we have the babymod. it's been awesome! now using it as the toddler conversion. i love it.