Monday, May 28, 2012

Sal's newest trick

Mama's not so sure she likes Sal's newest trick of rolling over from back to belly when he sleeps.

Our little belly sleeper
Thankfully, we saw it coming while at my dad's last week. Sal has this jungle gym with an arc over  it that toys hang from. Sal got himself wedged against the arc many times, which kept him from completing the full back to belly roll.
He loves to be swaddled, but my fear was that he would roll over with his arms straightjacketed shut, and not be able to roll back over. So, the arm swaddling came to an abrupt when we returned home-- and that in turn lead to a few extra wakings each night as he got used to the freedom.

I ended up switching him into a sleep sack  for naps and night time. It  has swaddle wings that wrap UNDER his arm pits, around the belly, so he still feels secure at night. Today was his first nap as a completely free man. I didn't plan it that way, but I just forgot to wrap him up before starting our naptime routine, and by golly--he fell asleep without it.

We still makea point to put him down on his back, but it is literally only a matter of a few footsteps towards the door until he works his way over to the belly.

I guess this is just a normal sign the boy is growing up. I admit to checking on him multiple times each sleep period, sometimes going as far as to risk to waking him as I flip him back over.

Did anyone else have a coronary the first time they walked in to find their little one belly down in the crib?

Oh Sal, I'm pretty sure you're going to keep this mama on her toes for the next 18 years and beyond.


  1. Brie...I too felt panic when Willow rolled into her belly while sleeping...and yes I checked on her multiple times, rolling her back to her back only to have her roll onto her belly again within minutes...finally now getting used to the idea of her sleeping in her tummy...too funny, we are...nervous nellies!!! Good luck in China!!!
    Take care,

  2. Swaddling and sleeping on backs was not the way when you and STephanie were babies. You started out kind of on your sides and tummy sleepers from the first few weeks of age. I think they found out that younger babies were more at risk of sids and thus the change. He is getting so big and I am looking forward to skyping with him and his mama. Love you!