Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Gear 3.0 months

I've added some new must haves to my arsenal, and thought I would share my favorites with those of you with baby registries, and those of you waiting for the call.

Fisher Price Swing:

We have this one on loan from my sister in law. We tried it a few times when he was a newborn, and he screamed to the high Heavens when we even tried putting him in it. One day, while Sal had been fussy for quite some time, NZ swaddled him and set him in the swing like Dr. Karp from "Happiest baby on the Block" recommended. Ever since that day, I use the swing for most of his daytime naps. It works like magic.

Infantino Play Mat:

I purchased ours off amazon.com. I wanted something portable and compact, and most importantly, entertaing for Sal. He loves this one, and I like that the toys canbe detached and new ones traded in every so often to spice things up. He spends a good half hour under his gym as a happy campe every day, as he works on his motor skills. I love that it folds and zips into it's own carry case. SCORE!

MAM teether:

I saw this at the local grocery, and thought it looked neat. I bought it on a whim for when he starts teething, but, being impatient, I couldn't wait to open it up ( & sterilize first, of course) and let him try it out. He gets the biggest grin when I rub the nubby part on his lower gums.

Piddle Pad:

This is a registry MUST have. Don't wait till your first blowout to learn the hard way. Those carseats are difficult to take apart and clean..and poop does get every where, beleive me! The piddle pad is waterproof and also protects the lower harnesses between your little one's legs. It saves the day when an accident happens.Unfortunately, I learned the hard way, and this was quickly installed after our first mishap that ended up all over the seat and the seat belts. ICK. Worth the $17 for sure!
Infantino Toys:

I use these on Sal's carseat handle, or attached to the headrest on my backseat. They also make their rounds on Sal's Infantino gym. The legs jingle and the animals vibrate when pulled. He digs the vibration and is stoked when he manages to pull one himself.

Coccoli Union Suit:

I love the long lean fit of this brand. I've got a string bean ( he is chunking up a little, but he is still mostly long and lean), and this suit fits perfectly. I love the fabric and weight of the material, and it is easy to get on and off.

Old Navy Socks:

Just learned about Old Navy socks and their amazing ability to defy the odds and stay on little pigs. We lose socks left and right, but this brand tends to stay on quite well. They are just the right size.

Coral Tree Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths:

We've got serious spit up issues. The burp cloths from etsy shop, Coral Tree are super absorbent and the larger size is enough to clean up any mess and still have enough cloth to wipe a face. I've got a set of these, and I wash them every day so I can use them again the next day---because they are my FAVORITE! It doesn't hurt that they have super cute prints to boot.


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