Monday, May 21, 2012

Hel(i) Yeah!

A quick post until I can commit more time in front of the screen...NZ and I went on our first helicopter ride last weekend! We were up visiting my dad out in the boonies, and someone he knew has a helicopter--and it just so happened he was giving rides that day.

How lucky is that?

We got picked up in dad's neighbor's yard, and flew off into the sky. We got a bird's eye view of Millville & Palo Cedro and the ride was so freakin awesome. It was like that ride at California Adventure "Soarin over CA", only, we weren't on an amusement park ride, and the swooping and sideways turns and the sights, smells and sound were real.

Now I've been bitten.

I want to buy a helicopter.

But that would mean I'd need a license.

And lessons.

And a money tree.

I'll just settle for seeking out helicopter rides on future vacations.

I'm sure my ol man would appreciate that more than me asking for a helicopter for Christmas.

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