Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#operationwearmyjeans: Weigh in

I'm not sure whether it was the smaller quantity of food (quality of food sucked this week..more on that in a minute), or the walking I did this week...but something clicked and I broke through my plateau this week. I'm officially into the one teens again. A total weight loss of 31 lbs since January, with 9 more to go.

I can do this!

I wish I would have eaten better this week, but uhm....we sold ALL of our dishes in our garage sale last week. Sooooo, we've ordered pizza, takeout, and took our forks to town in a casserole dish of baked ziti one night ( how romantic, right?). Our frige is practically empty because we're trying to run as lean as we can on perishables until we go. We still have frozen dishes left from our pre-Sal freezer stock extravanganza, and well....we should eat them, since that was the point of making them. I suppose more romantic eating out of the same dish nights are up ahead of us. LOL.

I walked a ton this week. Some on the treadmill, some outside. I spent Thursday in Santa Barbara, taking my cousin to have surgery. While Sal and I waited for him to get fixed up, we walked the area around the surgical center. My mom works over that way, so we surprised her which was nice, and after that, we walked back to pick up my cousin and take him home. I got a good 45 minute walk in. Yay for multi-tasking!

Other than that, no workouts. Just walking and eating small portions of crap food. I've been so busy, feeling like a chicken with my head cut off, that I'm forgetting to eat, then raiding the empty fridge and settling on things like a tub of cottage cheese with cheesy Ruffles used as a spoon! How's that for honesty?  I promise I don't double dip though. Afterall, Nick  has to eat out of that container too.

As you can tell, the state of our food situation is really, really sad.

Goals for this next week...

  • at least 2 workouts
  • at least 4 walks of 30-45 minutes
  • choose water before diet sodas 
  • replace the potato chip scoop with a real spoon for my cottage cheese consumption which might just mean a trip to Golden Spoon (and a frozen yogurt) to swipe a few Golden Spoons. Golden Spoon spoons are my favorite!
  • Maintain this weight or drop another lb or two. 

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