Friday, May 25, 2012

Millville weekend

Let's see if I can complete a post before Sal wakes up from his (so far) only nap of the day. With the multiple showings of our home, combined with a return from vacation, he and I have been trying to play catch up, and are both a bit off kilter this week. I don't see an end to the chaos coming within the next few weeks, so all I can do is sit down, shut up and hold on..with my best effort of a smile. I am trying not to stress, but anyone who knows me well, knows that going with the flow just isn't my style. If stressing was a sport, I'd be pro.

Anyways, time to catch up with the blogging and brag say how wonderful Sal did on his first plane flights! We took a quick trip up to see my dad and his girlfriend last week. We could have driven the 8+ hours, but knowing that I was nervous about flying with Sal, Nick arranged for us to do some test flights. We flew LAX to SFO, and SFO into Redding ( on a 30 seater prop plane, which turned out to be just the right level of white noise to make Sal pass out before take off!). Other than the rookie mistake of nursing him before we even backed away from the gates (OMgaaaawd child, please don't cry--they haven't even closed cabin doors yet!..Quick, here's something that will pacify you and I will earn mother of the year from all the surrounding passengers for having such a quiet baby), he did incredibly well. So, okay, I was done nursing him before we even took off, that's what the other side is for, right?

Simply put, he was well fed that day.

And a gem (can you call boys gems?) to travel with.

Sal says hi to grandpa Jet
We arrived to redding Airport, and we saw my dad and Mary waiting for us at the chainlink fence ( yes, some airports are still that small!) to land, camera in hand. I think they were excited. Maybe just a little. Okay, A lot.

And I'm pretty convinced upon our return to the States, that we're going to have to buy a diesel truck ( yah yah yah on the fuel guzzling lectures--I'm only kidding) because Sal caught most of his vacation naps in the back of my dad's truck while cruising down the dirt road to and from his house. The bumpy ride, mixed with the diesel rumble suited him just fine.

We spent most of the weekend relaxing. Nick and pop went fly fishing on the Sac river and we girls went shopping ( for Sal of course) and got our brows threaded. I'm pretty sure that threading is my new favorite form of hair removal. I hope I can find it in China.

Nick and I were treated to babysitting and a helicopter ride on Saturday afternoon, which was so freaking awesome. I can't wait til Sal is old enough to go with us. Maybe next time.

Sal & NZ

Pop and Me

NZ & me

Pop & Nick bring home the bacon (err, the turkey).
And yes, we are it.

Sal meets cousin Simon

checking out houseboats on Shasta
There's just something about my pop's that makes us take a step back, breathe in the fresh country air, and relax.

It was the perfect (and much needed) breather before we buckle down and get this show on the road..

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