Friday, May 25, 2012


I admit, I often have bigger plans than I have time for. I often say I should meet up with so and so....and never do. Time gets the best of me. Even before children.

But this week, I was able to meet up with one of my collegiate teammates ( UCDavis gymnastics) at the park with our kids. I love meeting up with my old teammates. I've said it more than once, but the gymnastics team was not only my sorority, but also my family while up at school, especially while i was battling Graves' disease and radiation. Even after my retirement, many of those girls stuck by my side, including me in team functions--and that meant, and still does, mean a lot to me.

We were all in it together, and it's nice to know that we could all still pick up right where we left off over 13 years ago!

Anyways, meeting up with Krissy and her two daughters was refreshing. She's one of those people who you could talk to for hours, and she's always good for a one liner that will make you laugh. And did I mention, she's an awesome photographer?

Sal & mama (4 months old)
photo property of

She busted out her camera at the end of our playdate, and caught this adorable grin of Sal's, with the help of our "when the saints come marching" rendition. Thankfully, krissy's version is the same as mine, as I have been known to fudge the lyrics on many a song.

Thanks for the meet up Krissy!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL photo, Brie! I love those pictures that just capture a moment. Can't wait to follow along on your living-abroad adventure! Safe travels.

  2. Omg great photo!!! You are both so gorgeous!! Does he have green eyes? What a darling little man and such a pretty mama!