Sunday, May 13, 2012

Make it: (grand)Mother's day gift

While my sister was here last month, we made gifts for Salvatore to give to his grandmas for Mother's day. I had received a gift of a paving stone kit shaped like flip flops a few years back, after we lost Denise, and never got around to pouring the concrete molds.

We've been cleaning out our house in prep for our move, and I ran across the kit in my craft mess. I had just the plan for what to do with the kit.....

Garden footprints for grandma Val & Grama Sandy..

I mixed up the concrete, poured it in the molds, layed crushed glass out to resemble the flipflop strap, and then with my sister's help, we put both of Sal's footprints in each stone along with the year and his name.. Now each grandma has one for their gardens to remember just how small he once was.

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