Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best Stuff on Earth

Aside from egg whites, I think that oatmeal is quite possibly the best stuff on earth.

It's been my staple breakfast ( and an occasional late night treat) for the past 4 years..Making the perfect bowl is an art, one of which I have not yet mastered 100%. Somedays it's thick & others it's soupy...mmmm, soupy....just the way I like it...Add in some Splenda and cinnamon and it's Heaven.

One of the clues that I was pregnant was my sudden aversion to my favorite breakfast. How on earth could I not want oatmeal? I've entertained the thought of trying it again for quite some time since becoming pregnant, with one unsuccessful attempt last month...

Fast forward to Monday, March 31st..A beautiful sunny morning....nothing sounded better than...
a bowl of oatmeal..
I thought to myself, Could it be? Was I really craving oatmeal again??? I just had to try it. Worst case scenario, I dump it in the trash and head for the bagels, right?

Three Words.

Welcome Back Oatmeal.

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