Sunday, April 12, 2009

19 weeks

Two more days until my big ultrasound, in which Nick and I hope to find out what we're having, whether it's healthy...when it's due..all that good stuff.

I'm thinking...Healthy baby girl, due September 5th. So we shall see what the ultrasound technician says, and how the baby measures. If my growth is any indication of what's going on inside, we're doin' alright.

Slowed down a bit this week energy wise. I made it to the gym for weights for the first time since December...but only went twice this past week..then that did me in for the rest of the week.

Sleeping is getting to be an interesting predicament..I'm tired, but getting comfy is somewhat of a challenge. Solved the issue so far with a pillow between my knees to take pressure off my hips, so phew! Disaster averted and my husband has a still somewhat manageable pregnant wife.

And finally, people, mostly patients in our practice, are no longer worried about offending me by asking if I am expecting. It's how shall I say... rather apparent that I am sportin' a baby bump, not a Michelen tire. I think up until a week or so ago, they weren't sure if I was or wasn't..I'm sure they sleep easier knowing the answer to one of life's major questions now, haha.

The big question these days is if I have felt he baby move. Well, ask me 3 weeks ago and I'd give it a "hellyeah!" but after talking to my OB/GYN at the last appointment, he said the twitches I was getting were too high in my abdomen to be baby, and more likely to be my muscles twitching as a reaction to stretching. So, damn you abdominal muscles! You had me all worked up! I have felt little weird things, somewhat twitch like in my lower abdomen, but am too afraid to cry wolf and say it's for sure Baby Z making his/her exsistence known. Soon there will be no question..I'm just waiting patiently for that day to come.

So, stay tuned...52 hours until we know if he's a she, or she's a he!

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  1. It's so hard to believe that Baby Z is the size of a mango right now. Girl or boy???hmmmmm
    I'm guessing boy.