Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quiet Book

When I was little, probably three or four years old, my mom made me a Quiet book. I still have my Quiet book, although it hasn't been used in ages. After researching Quiet books through Google, I found that they originated from the Church of LDS and were made by Mormon mothers who wanted to keep their children quiet during services. I'm not sure my mom knew the background on these books, or where she found the idea, since we're not Mormon, and did not attend church, but the book entertained me for hours as a kid.
Snap the shapes Button the Flowers Velcro the clothes

Feeling a little stir crazy and crafty myself since I am unable to be as active as much as I would like to during my pregnancy, I have decided to try making one of my own. Go figure I pick Easter weekend to get the craft bug, when all the fabric stores are closed....So, fabric and notion purchases will have to wait until this week..However, that didn't keep me from digging out my old Quiet book and getting ideas for the one I will be making.

Tie my Bow Unzip & count the ladybug babies inside

Quiet books are awesome because they teach fine motor skills, math and reading skills in fun ways that preschoolers can relate to. Each page is an activity in itself. I found a few ideas I will be adding to my project that have come along since 1981 when my mom made mine.

Counting from 1-10 and fine motor pinching skills

Thanks for the book and the love that was poured into the making of it mom! I'll post photos from the 2009 version as the project gets under way! I laid out the layout of my pages last night and made patterns for all the fabric pieces I will be needing, along with a shopping list. I am ready to hit JoAnn's and get the ball rolling!


  1. I love it! Thanks for the idea Brie. Will you post the other ideas you found for additional pages? I'd love to make one for Kennedy!

  2. awesome book i have never heard of them. cant wait to see whatyou do im sure it will be faboulus!

  3. That is just about the cutest thing!!! I've never heard of a quiet book, but it definitely sounds like a fun invention (and a great way to be crafty during preganacy!)

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the one you create!
    I did not know the origin of them when I made yours so thank you for that piece of history.
    Love ya, Mom