Friday, April 24, 2009

They're ba-a-ack

The moment I have been dreading since oh, let's say..last September.
For any of you that followed my myspace blog, we had an issue with raccoons last summer..It lasted from June through September, when Nick finally put away the live animal trap ( which had only managed to catch Beav) and his "Coon Stick" aka. broken off shovel handle. We had given in for the season, and it seemed that they were gone...

But I have had this sinking feeling ever since our weather has been getting nicer again, that they'd be back...

And guess what? They are.
Last night as we had our sliding door cracked open for Beaver to come and go as he pleased, I see my darling kitty jet back in our house faster than a fat kid eats cake...I look out the window and the little masked felon is right outside the door looking in at Nick and me. My immediate reaction was to turn into a Sailor and swear up a storm as Nick ran and grabbed the "stick". He looked like an old school animaniacs cartoon chasing the raccoon with the "stick" but just like the Survivor mantra, the 'coon " Outsmarted, Outwitted and Outlasted" him and made it over the fence to the neighbors.

I do not want to live another summer spent checking live animal traps, closing the cat door ( and keeping Beav inside at night..which defeats our recent goal of kicking him out so we can uncover our new couches!) out of fear those nasty boys will kick his ass...and eat our cat food IN OUR HOUSE. How gross is that? Flea ridden, Rabies carrying, your house?!

I've got word for you, Mr. Coon & co. It's game on. We're gonna win this time...and send you packing to the hills for good.

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