Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life's a Garden...dig it

Our backyard is getting a garden!
We've been talking about one ever since we moved in ( well, that and the fact that I want chickens, but dunno if that dream will come true) and have even gotten so far as to buy seeds, but in order to get the garden we want, Nick had some serious digging and rearranging of garden sheds to do.

He spent 2 days straight digging into the hillside and clearing brush to add about 10 more feet of prime garden land to our property...Definitely a labor of love...of fresh tomatoes? Snap peas? or Me? Who knows, but he worked really hard and is failry close to getting the shed moved into it's new home about 10 feet away from it's current location.
Then with a bit of rototilling and good soil, we'll be ready for a summer crop of veggies, tomatoes and fruits! YAY!

I'm so super excited!

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  1. I'll have to post pics of our garden to FB. I love that I have so many things in common with you... I begged Jeff for chickens and a chicken house. I have 9. I love my little ladies. I love their eggs more. Yummy! You seriously need chickens if you're still an eggaholic. ;)