Friday, April 24, 2009

Too many choices...

I was texting my sister earlier this week and she mentioned that granny would like to buy my crib bedding for me...I started to seriously look at bedding, rather than the browsing I have been up to for the past few weeks..but shhhhh..I wasn't supposed to be looking at baby stuff until I knew what we were having!'s all too dang cute!
I'm torn.
I have two front runners and many "close-behinds". And yes, I know that bumpers can be hazardous, however, I am choosing to use one, if only for a short time...So leave me be (=
I fell in love with "Brooke" from PBkids. Seen below, it's got the greens ( which match Baby Z's walls) , polka dots which are my "thing"and also the mod/retro look going on with the appliqued trees and little birdies..Loooove it!
The sheet is hard to see, but there are owls intermixed with the little colorful trees.
Tied for 1st, but only available on ebay since PBkids discontinued the pattern, is "Ashley". I can get the complete set for a fraction of the price of Brooke, but ehhhhh, not so sure about all the hearts...I may need to tone it down a bit. ( photo below)

A "close-behind" is from The Land of Nod...called "Tiki Floral". I would only be purchasing the bumper pad from this collection, and using a plain pink crib sheet. (photo below)

So, as I said when I first began...tooo many choices! Especially for something that is really not all that important in the grand scheme of things..but hellllllp! I can't decide!
On another note...My brother and sister in law dropped off a bag of baby goodies, a swing, a bumbo and a carseat for us to take a look at tonight...It felt like Christmas! So flippin' sweet of them to share.


  1. Aw, so cute! I sort-of love the bottom one, but I have no idea what the shapes are =) Pink + green = my favorite!

  2. Sar, you'll see the room when you and Miss Jen you can help me decide which bedding goes with the green-ness of the room.. Don't worry, no cribs for you..I'll still have a queensize bed in there for you both (=

  3. My vote is let's do the cherry one..
    i have an idea for the walls decoration too...
    will explain when I see you...Sunday?

    =) more fun reading, not that there would be any shortage of fun nursery-decorating blogs! Sophia and Kate have lt-green walls and a few pink accents and I think it's adorable!