Saturday, April 11, 2009

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny.... blingy bikini!

I can't believe I am parting with the last of my figure bikinis! I have held onto my favorite two piece since my last show which was July 2007 USA's. Not sure why I have sentimental attachment since I wore it only once on stage, during finals, but I loooove this suit..The color, the stonework...

I've gotta admit, it wasn't my best fitting suit ( the rear had a tiny bit too much fabric length wise for me) but I adored this one.

And now, folks, I have decided that it is better off being worn, than not at all.

But hold your horses, you won't find me wearing it anytime soon on the beaches of Kah-lee-fornia ( As only Arnold can say).

So, when a fellow competitor posted a want add for a 2 piece suit, I thought to myself...c'mon Brie..You can do this...You have a suit..You're not wearing it...You won't be wearing it anytime soon.....It's time to let go of the itty bitty teeny weeny blue sparkly bikini!

After a few internal arguments with myself, I determined that selling the suit is by no means throwing in the towel to ever competing just means that next time I prep for a show, I have to buy a new suit..that's not a bad thing ..It just costs money!

I think part of the fun of prepping for a show IS the suit selection. Ordering a new suit, deciding which company to have design it...which color, how much bling....all the fun little girly details. I would be willing to bet that suit selection is one of the highlights of doing a show for almost every competitor...

The best part is when the suit arrives, all perfectly packaged, reeking of E600 glue with freshly glued stones...The debate has always been whether to try it on right away or wait until my contest date is closer...because these babies aren't made for anything other than show day.. Trying one on too early into your prep can cause severe mental anguish when the body you felt was tight 5 minutes ago, somehow manages to produce a muffin roll over the straps a bit when you're still 8 weeks out. ( photo taken at 5 weeks out from USA's)

What do I do, then ??

Try it on, of course.

I am the queen of self loathing.

It's usually not so bad, and it's really really fun to watch your body transform over the course of prep, and slowly but surely tighten up so much that the suit that you worried about being too small at 8 weeks out, it suddenly fitting like a glove one week out..and by show day.... ( photo to the right)

I feel like a million bucks in my itty bitty blue sparkly does every other woman out there in her suit.

We may fork out a small fortune for 2 inches of fabric, but the feeling of achieving a goal and stepping on stage in that 2 inches of fabric is indescribable.

So, goodbye 'ol blue. I'll miss you.

I hope you love your new owner and give her that same million dollar feeling when she steps on stage this summer!

2007 USA Bodybuilding and Figure Championships, Las Vegas, NV.

52 Competitors in Figure Class A ( 5'2" and under)..

bottom row, 9th from the left


  1. I love the part about if you aren't using it that it should be used by someone else....
    Fabric has a way of not holding up to aging so you are making a good choice.