Thursday, April 2, 2009

11 days and counting....

I went Tuesday morning for my 17 week check-up, and both "Baby Z" and I are "right on track " according to my OB/GYN.

When I initially became pregnant, I thought that it would be in my best interest NOT to see my weight creep up. I had this whole plan to stand backwards on the scale, and have the M.A. tell me if I was gaining too little, or too much...Seeing as I have a past riddled with weight issues, I just thought it would be best to avoid such a situation. However, everytime I step on that dang scale, my eyes make a B-line to the numbers flickering and finally settling on a weight value. To my surprise, I am actually okay with it. I mean, there's an obvious reason for my gain, and it means everything is going well if I make steady gains, right? My Dr. actually told me that whatever I am doing is working, as my weight gain the first trimester was applaudable ( is that even a word?)..Little does he know that I indulged on TBell burritos, donut nights and bagels with no exercise whatsoever! Anyhow, now that my second tri is under way, I have backed off the burritos and am back into my fairly healthy food choices with a reasonable exercise schedule for myself. I'm hoping to continue the applaudable gains throughout.

My blood pressure was great, and my belly was measured and on target for the proper growth for someone who is 17 weeks pregnant.

And my favorite part-- the doppler.

I get soooo anxious prior to my appointments, and my anxiety is eased within seconds of the Dr. placing the doppler over my belly and letting me listen to a nice strong heartbeat...but I can't help but wonder...Is it a girl's heartbeat or a boy's heartbeat?? It's fast, and I've heard old Wive's tales that indicates it's a girl....but, we shall find out....

Which brings me to the title of my post...

11 days and counting till my next Ultrasound...hoping to find out the sex then!


  1. it is good to eat healthy but also remember that baby needs some "good" fat to develop so hopefully the goal is to eat healthy foods along with good fats and nix the sugary, high fat, bad fat junk.

  2. You got it mah! BTW- that photo is sooo not your's a stock photo from an image website LOL. I'm not that big!