Wednesday, April 29, 2009

21 Weeks

We had my 21 week appointment with Dr. B yesterday morning..Just a quick one this time, weight, BP, pulse, doppler ( and yes, her heart is beating strong!!) and fundal height measurement. Passed with flying colors. Weight gain is right on track and he said that I am eating prudently, which, of course, I interpreted as him reminding me not to pig out, while NZ says "he was complimenting you on your eating.."

Duh, me.

So, all is well..and I check back in 4 more weeks for an ultrasound and more of the same stuff.
We made it past the half way mark!!!!!!

I think the funniest part of my appointment was Dr. B commenting on NZ's super sweet sideburns. He said that he sported them in his twenties, and told NZ he had something he wanted to show him after my appointment....So, of course, he sped through my appointment and then got to business..He showed us back into his office, where he pulled out his desk drawer and handed photo after photo of himself in the 70's to NZ...and yes, by golly, Dr. B had some bad ass sideburns back in the day. LOL. Who woulda known?

This turns into NZ telling him he "looks like that actor".." you know, that actor"..." the one in Saving Private Ryan...the Jewish guy..."

Not being able to recollect the actor's true name, Dr. B gets on his computer ( mind you, he has other patient's waiting) and googles "Saving Private Ryan" and looks up the cast members trying to figure out his celebrity look-a-like. NZ says the actor is also in one of those "Dazed and confused" type movies too, and his homework before our next appointment is to find out who the actor is and bring a photo.

Those two guys are too much for me (=. They'll make a good team come delivery time.

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