Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quiet Book Progress

I jetted over to JoAnn's fabrics during my lunch hour on Monday because the idea of working on the book was burning a hole in my brain..I could not wait to get started! So, armed with my list of notions and fabrics, I made the quickest trip ever in and out of JoAnn's and surprisingly didn't forget anything on my list!

Came home and got supper started and then took over the living room floor with my project...and guess what, it's still there..and will be for a few more nights.

I ironed and starched the fabric for the pages, and cut out 6 double width pages ( to be easily folded for the backside of the pages). I then got to work ironing wonder under fusible webbing to the backside of my appliques, and for re-inforcement of some of my felt activity pieces which will be double thickness for longevity.

I worked so hard I skipped supper and ended up eating a bowl of cereal at 8:30 p.m.! Guess I just got wrapped up in the fun!

So, although it doesn't look like much, here's a bit of what I accomplished last night. I have more applique pieces cut out, but not yet adhered to the pages. The flowers on the pot are not attached, but I have already cut the button hole slits in them so they are ready to go once I complete the next step. I need to sew "stems" and buttons to the end of the stems so that the "flowers" can be buttoned on like my mom's book in the previous post.


  1. Try not to iron the carpet!!! ha ha ha ha....my spare bedroom still has an iron spot from some project from you or Steph...
    I love seeing projects that make time pass like that.

  2. I upgraded to an ironing board in my wise old age..no more carpet burning..and for the record, it was me..making grip bags with names appliqued.