Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm terribly impatient

Doesn't my Dr. know, I am terribly impatient?

Last night, I reminded NZ that I have another check up next week ( which I learned I should have reminded him sooner) and found out he just arranged for meetings that same morning and time...and could not reschedule... For those of you who don't know, I have the best husband ever. He has made it to all my scheduled appointments..So, the idea of missing one sorta sucks.

I've had it in my head that we would find out the sex this next visit. Afterall, I will be over 17 weeks, and I am well aware that the sex can be seen as early as 12 weeks, so c'mon people...get with it and tell me what I'm having!

This visit, if it was "the one", was not a visit I wanted NZ to miss out on.

I toyed with the idea of having the Dr. write the sex on a slip of paper and putting it in an envelope, and promising not to open it till supper when NZ was home to open it with me ( uhm, wishful thinking, Self...coming from the kid who opened and peeked at a present from her pop one Christmas.. )

So, instead, I called my Dr.'s office today and was "that girl" again.

Me: " Hi, This is Brie Z. and I am scheduled to see Dr. Block for a follow up next Tuesday."

Staff:" Uh huh..and....?"

Me: " uhm, I was just wondering, what happens during the visit?"

Staff: " How far along?"

Me: "17 weeks"

Staff: : " He'll just check the heartbeat and send you for labwork..It's a quick one"

Me: " So, no ultrasound to tell me what I am having?"

Staff:" No, We don't do those until at least 25 weeks."

Me: " Oh, okay, thanks."

I hung up the phone sooooo bummed.

That means 8 more weeks...2 more months...

Sooooooooo farrrrrrrrr away!

But, good thing is, NZ won't miss anything special, and I don't have to use any willpower to not find out before him.

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  1. well, my little impatient one....que lastima that you will have a longer wait but glad that NZ will not be missing out. :-) You are too much cuz I can't see you waiting until he got home to open an envelope. Both my girls are not known for patient you so much!