Thursday, March 5, 2009

Jet Junior?

I've been obsessively sending emails to my family with all the updates after my ultrasounds and visits, because my family is just like that....we're all in each other's business, cause that's how we roll.

Anyways, my pop is usually a man of not so many words, so it's thrilled me to hear him respond with the excitement to each new update .

1st email: I sent a photo of my ultrasound

Pop's response: Nice! Kinda looks like his grandpa huh!!! Love Poppy

Me: Strapping good looks just like his grandpa ramjet. We'll have to name him Jet Jr. if he comes out lookin like you..but I am covinced it's a girl. We will hopefully find out the sex on March 31st at my 17week appointment

Pop: Could be a real bummer if SHE looks like her grandpa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me:i dont care what it is, i just want a healthy one (=

Pop:I agree for sure

It tickles me to know that my pop is excited to have a grandchild. This baby will be the first grandchild for both my mom and my dad, although my dad's girlfriend does have a grandbaby already...This one could conceivably have the telltale Vendrame genes of gorgeous blue eyes ( which I didn't get...not that I am bitter or anything ). Or it could get the Zentil ears, nose, eyes....Or maybe it will look like a Nalley? Who knows? It's just got me wondering, what on earth will our child look like? Will we have a diminutive boy, and a brute for a daughter? Will they be athletic? Will they get their dad's brains or my creativity?

So, there you go, the thoughts from a pregnant mom who just gorged herself on french toast. A full belly is a happy belly (=

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