Monday, March 2, 2009

Oh no, not her again...

Ever worry that you're that girl? I do...especially with this pregnancy, and all things related to my OB/GYN's office. Thank goodness they are patient, kind and accomodating. I never want to be that girl, but to say the first 13 weeks of this pregnancy have been a breeze would be like claiming I was 6 feet tall.

I've had some complications, scares, whatever you wanna call them..which get my anxiety levels going and Lord knows when that happens, my brain becomes fixated on the worst case scenarios... I think I have had 3 scheduled appointments, none of which I have actually kept on the designated day. It seems like I make it to about 3 days before my actual appointment, something scary happens, and I break down and call to get seen ASAP. I've now seen the Doc 5 times and had 5 the amount of time most women would have had only 2 appointments and one ultrasound...hmmmmmm......someone is needy, and that "someone" is me..

So far, none of my scares have been anything serious, other than seriously driving me nuts. Baby Z is in no danger, and developing like a future Olympian ( You should see it's frog kick!) But still, I think that I am becoming that girl to my OB's office..

I bet when I call they probably say ( eyes rolling)" Oh no, not herrrr again".

I'm hoping that I can make it until my next appointment in 4 weeks without having to call them past office hours or first thing in the morning with an emergency...For me, that would be golden, and I am sure much appreciated by their office...

But I should have known, nothing I do ever goes by the book, so why would I think having a baby would be any different?

Anyhow, today's scan is a bit blurry and hard to make out, but it's the best I could do using my camera to make a duplicate. To the left is the rump, to the right is the profile of the face..Little bugger has it's legs tucked up & arms pulled in.

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  1. Baby Z is exciting!