Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wake up wake up wake up

NZ left the house at 4:45 this morning to meet up with a few friends for a surf session before work. It's a weekly event, this whole surf before work thing...and I think it's pretty dang cool that he has an employer who doesn't mind his employee's arriving to work with saltwater skin and lugging surfboards into their offices.

However, what's not so cool is our cat.

Yes, another Beaver blog.

For some reason, he's been on this "tearing-ass-around-the-house-at-five a.m." kick, and it's loud and annoying...He will race up and down the hallways, into our room, scratch against our armoire, then turn around and race back down the hall, bouncing off the walls like he is a bat out of hell. What is up with him?!

I've checked....No other animals involved. No mice, rats, birds, raccoons, or other kitties..It's him, all by his lonesome, managing to keep me from falling back to sleep.

I love you Beav, but you gotta put these sprint trials to rest till at least 6 a.m. Mama needs her rest!

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