Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Workin towards Thursdays

My weeks are not measured in days, per say, but more in terms of what TV shows air on a particular night. For instance, Sunday night is " United States Of Tara" night.

Sad, yes, but true.

I think that my driving force through the work week is looking forward to Thursday nights, when not just ONE great show, but TWO are on... NZ and I have a standing 8 o'clock date with the contestants of Survivor, followed up with a visit to the folks at Dunder Mifflin...God, I love Thursdays.

I did watch DWTS last night for like, uhm, the second time in my life...I've treated this show with much resistance, but with a Olympic gymnast like Shawn Johnson dancing, you bet'yer socks that I will be watching...and what was even wilder... was that I actually liked it! So, my Monday nights are now reserved for DWTS..for this season, at least.

Tonight is Tuesday...TV lineup during fall consists of "Rehab: Party at the Hardrock" but now that it's off the air ( hopefully only temporary) I'm into "Toddlers and Tiaras" aka. televised crazy ass parents raising daughters to base everything solely on beauty... Can't wait to see the 10 year follow up they do on these girls to show what they're up to at age 15. I'm kidding, only kidding..

Wednesday has ALWAYS been my Real World night. Ask any old roomates, past boyfriends... even ask my mom....I DON'T MISS a season. Never have, and probably never will...thanks to DVR, I will always be able to tape it and watch my guilty pleasure when time is free. I'm now like 9 years older than the current cast members and I still find it wildly entertaining. What is wrong with me? LOL

We already know what I do on Thursday nights...

But Friday is where the REAl issue lies...I can't look forward to Friday in the same way I look forward to the other nights because NOTHING is on. Someone has to fix this for me...I don't like it one bit. One good show, that is all I ask!

Saturday nights is usually pretty random..I wouldn't want to be tied down to the TV in case my husband and I actually decided to get out of the house for say, ummmm, a date or something. So, I have been reluctant to hone in on a Saturday night show so that I am at least a little bit normal LOL.

Anyways, there is my week in a nutshell, measured by TV shows rather than days...


  1. With the DVR you can catch shows that might be on too late or too early. Bob loves his DVR and always has a variety of shows dvr'd. It almost drives us crazy to watch it real time but it takes a certain amount of concentration to remember to fast forward through all those commercials.

  2. haha brie. love the real world.. although i am getting older and they seem to be getting younger! i think bea is super cute this season.