Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh yeah, totally normal..

I mentioned on a previous post that I've been perusing chinese shopping websites to try and see what's available out there ( and tell myself to breathe that i'll find what we need). My stumbling upon things that I am looking for is pure luck, since most of the sites are written in chinese characters. I have found everything from electronics, to bottles, diapers, linens and vitamins.

My family has been helping me stock up on clothes for Sal. He's already got a closet full over there, but, I'm pretty sure I have enough new clothes here to send another suitcase over. My sister and I loooove to shop! And here I thought baby boy clothes weren't going to be much fun...I die over anything striped, nautical or has pictures of trucks. Really, I do.

..and thank goodness we've been stocking up on baby clothes, because well...

Apparently, this is totally normal.

Yes, split pants.

Sold that way.

On purpose.

One of my evenings of perusing lead me to baby clothes on the site. This is where I learned of the chinese split pants..called Kai Dang Ku.

It'll be a sight to see, but at least I have been forwarned and won't be surprised . Okay, even being forwarned, I will probably still have my mouth agape..bare butts. I mean, c'mon. I'm a sheltered American. Cut me some slack.

As much as I want to try and embrace parts of the Chinese culture, I can honestly say that this will probably (99%) not be one of them. 

I've seen what Sal can do to a diaper..I certainley don't want to see what he could do while riding on my shoulders diaperless.

Can you imagine?



  1. Uncle Juls just said "oh geez!"
    and then said "we better make sure to send Sal non-split pants from here." I assured him it won't be a problem at all because after all I LOVE to shop! Who knew shopping for boys could be so much fun?

  2. I normally don't comment but I had to on this one. I stumbled across your blog somehow a long time ago and enjoy reading it. So I just returned home from China, my first trip, for work last week. When i saw this(kids bare butts) for the first time I almost fell over in shock. It seemed as though all kids under about 2 are bare butt, open to the wind. Very strange. And yuck is the correct reaction once you see "why" they have it like this. Not so cool. other things I learned that might be handy for you to know: they DO NOT provide toilet paper in any public area or soap(bring your own or you are in trouble), also no napkins provided in restaurants, again, bring your own. Bring lots of waterless hand sanitizer as well due to the no soap thing. Good Luck!