Friday, April 13, 2012

#operationwearmyjeans: food is fuel

Oh my goodness, what 9+ months of eating whatever my heart desires does to erase everything I ever knew about eating healthy. I mean, if I didn't know better, I'd laugh at myself if I ever claimed to have trained and competed in fitness competitions ( Thank goodness I have photgraphic proof!).

Proof! 2007 USA championships

My lifestyle lately is a 180 from where I used to be.

I used to eat 5-6 small meals a day. And I never, ever skipped breakfast. Protein was the key to every meal, and I could pass the middle aisles of the market with ease ( the middle aisles of supermarkets are usually full of the boxed, packaged, processed goods, whereas the outskirts of most markets are where the fruits, veggies, meats and dairy usually are).

So, what happened to me?

Could I really have reversed everything I ever knew and practiced in a measly 9 months?

The answer is no.

What I am lacking and need to find, is the willpower to say no. To be stronger than my boredom and laziness. I need to remember that food is simply fuel.

Yes, FUEL.

The better the fuel, the better your body runs, the better you feel, and the better your jeans look the next time you put them on.

This being said, this past week can go down as a fail in both diet and exercise. I managed to log about a mile a day on the treadmill after NZ got home from work, and squeezed in two workouts, but other than that, I didn't get out and about to walk with Sal as much as I had hoped. Between the weather and his lack of napping this week, I really couldn't find time for myself until the evenings, and by then, the diet damage had been done. I considered jelly beans a meal one afternoon. Washed down by a diet pepsi...Yeah, I know better.

And for that matter, it's in my best interest NOT to step on the scale until next week. I've got the fire under my butt to get meals prepped this weekend, and to stick with them next week, and double bonus, my sister is going to be coming to camp Zentil for a few days and I know she will walk with me and Sal everyday that she's here ( mall walking totally counts!)...Having a partner makes it easier to stay accountable.

So, my goal for next week is not a number on the scale, but to remember that food is fuel..and get back in the mindset that I should choose nutrition over ease.


  1. I know you will get that willpower back once you catch your breath from all these huge changes that have come and are coming your way.
    Keep the thought in your mind that eating healthier makes you feel better with more energy and patience and all those good things that you need right now!

  2. shoes packed, work out pants packed..ready to walk at Camp Zentil!